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"When you focus on the good, the good gets better." – Abraham Hicks.

My holistic healing journey began in 2018 when I was experiencing chronic health issues, from gut problems and indigestion, brain fog, burnouts and insomnia, migraines and severe allergies, and the removal of a brain tumour. I took on the “sick girl’ identity ever since I was young. My family and friends would always comment on me being sick again. I thought that was just who I was, someone who needed to be constantly on medication.

Despite my best efforts, everything remained the same. Following doctors’ orders and what I thought was ‘healthy living’ were not making any difference in how I felt. I was constantly tired and unproductive. I was burnt out, stressed out and barely functional. I felt lost because I could not perform as I wanted. I knew there had to be a better way to bring back my health and energy.

I needed a change.

Giving my body and mind the calm they deserve. 

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That was an ‘ah ha’ moment for me. Why would I expect a different outcome if I did not change how I lived my life? It sounded simple, but it took me a while to figure it out.

There was an inkling in me to start with my mind. I never made the connection between my body and mind. I always thought people used the word ‘stress’ as an excuse not to do their best. I knew I was stressed out; I did not know what to do about it. Somehow, I got an internal nudge to focus on resting and healing my mind.

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I permitted myself to take a month off work. I did not have a plan. There were many comments, guilt, and all those noises inside asking myself …

What’s wrong with you?

Everyone else has it together; why do you need a break?

What makes you special that you deserve a break?

What have you accomplished?

Why are you stressed? You have such a privileged life already.

And so it went on and on … it took me five years to make this necessary step for myself. I felt if I didn’t do it, I would be of no use to myself or anybody because I had nothing to offer.

I took the break.

I started sleeping and waking up earlier with a set schedule. I would sit there in silence every morning, enjoying my quiet start. Then, I downloaded an app. I started sitting there quietly with intention but still not fully understanding what I was doing. But I tried it, and somehow, I felt calmer and less anxious. I started to look forward to this morning ritual.

I used a gratitude app to note what I was thankful for daily. I did gentle stretches and yoga to wake my body up. Everything was according to my own terms, my own pace. I was shifting how I approached my life, focusing on the mental and emotional instead of purely the physical. 

This was the beginning of 2019, and I am forever grateful. I reversed most of my chronic symptoms in about a year. I regained energy and clarity, and I am happy. I was amazed at how little it seemed to have taken to change my life completely.

I firmly believe that everyone has the innate ability to heal their body and be their best selves. With clarity and results come to focus, and I dive deeper into natural and holistic ways to address my wellness and the mind & body connection. This led me to become a functional medicine certified health coach and start my practice.

 I have learned to value slowing down to speed up and to nourish myself emotionally and physically through awareness, boundaries and living more consciously.

I see the body as an integrative system and that a balanced mind-body connection is vital to overall health. I learned and now use various mind-body medicines, such as mindfulness meditation, emotional freedom technique (tapping), breath work, and sound therapy, to help my clients manage their stress and emotional burnout to gain focus and clarity on how to approach best and improve their health and well-being. I draw from my healing journey to help others as I understand that making changes can be demanding and stressful when you are exhausted from managing your day. I have learned to value slowing down to speed up and to nourish myself emotionally and physically through awareness, boundaries and living more consciously.

My coaching and healing modalities are developed based on my experiences, training, knowledge, inner wisdom and skills to help you create and implement a new lifestyle for a healthy, confident and vibrant you.

Charmaine, .xoxo

And that's me! Thank you for being here. I truly appreciate you.

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